Belief in Justice For Life

Declaration of the belief in Justice For Life

Whereby Life has originated on Earth for unknown reasons, within a universe created from an unknown cause,

Whereby Humans seek answers to these mysteries, but behave in ways that cause problems for themselves and all life on earth,

Whereby solutions to all of our problems exist in the crafting and advocacy of complex belief systems about our own identity and purpose,

Whereby adoption of beliefs are a highly personal and self-directed activity that must benefit the individual as much as all Humanity,

Whereby a grounded, scientific understanding of human behavior, objective reality, and lifestyle alignment behind shared values has been discovered and can by understood by anyone,

Whereby aggressive survival behaviors have captured many in lifestyles of consumption and selfishness which cause harm and threaten all life on earth,

Whereby human existence has the desire for sustainable peace, but in behavior has created injustice within our social, economic, political, and ecological domains,

We declare a life purpose in seeking Justice For Life.

Justice For Life is a system of belief unlike any before it, serving to guide individuals into better lifestyles for themselves, and humanity, bringing us closer to sustainable peace, so that we finally answer our most interesting question: why do we exist?

What does it mean to believe in Justice For Life?

Our four core beliefs are;

  1. We believe that survival behaviors are the cause of all injustice
  2. We believe that humanity has everything we need to live in sustainable peace together
  3. We believe that all humans can heal from past injustice and live long, happy lives
  4. We believe that once we restore justice, we will find the answers to why we exist.

How do these beliefs help us restore justice?

We define four domains in which we seek justice every day;

Social Justice

The Problem: We are insecure, justifying aggression towards each other and perpetuating cycles of violence that echo through generations.

The solution: Be a pacifist, avoid aggression in all aspects of your life.

Economic Justice

The Problem: We are ignorant, believing that by consolidating and growing resources for ourselves, we are better off than those around us.

The solution: Be a philanthropist, share resources to help those with less

Political Justice

The Problem: We are intolerant, seeing the worst in each other and failing to stay together through complex changes.

The solution: Be a Humanist, see the best in others and the strength that comes with diversity.

Ecological Justice

The Problem: We are inactive, disconnecting ourselves from our natural environment to be comfortable, and ignoring the devastating consequences to our health and sustainability.

The solution: Be a vegan, and stop the unsustainable, un-compassionate consumption of life.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us that the idea of purpose in seeking justice is not new.

How do I confront injustice?

Injustice is caused by the insecurity, ignorance, intolerance, and inactivity in our own life, and in the live of others.

Our Theory of Change: With a balance of experience among four universal values (Individuality, Wisdom, Community, and Change), and along three depths of application (Awareness, Understanding, and Lifestyle), all humans can enjoy long, happy lives of purpose in reducing injustice.

Justice For Life has applied this theory of change into 12 core messages. Each messages is grounded in science, expressed through stories, and contains wisdom that is both ages old, and applicable to your daily life.

What are you going to do now?