The Message of Justice

Justice For Life consists of 12 important messages.  Each message has depth, purpose, and is connected to larger themes that help us apply the best ideas of humanity to our daily lives.  

The problem is that Survival strategies cause injustice.  Even though they are no longer needed, our competitive behaviors cause harm to others and to our environment.

Human strategies restore Justice.  Collaborative strategies advance us toward peace and sustainability, and a better way of life for everyone.

The good news is that peace is coming.  For ages, Justice has been slowly spreading, leading us to a future of true world peace.

Our opportunity is to sustain happiness.  With the right choices, we stay on the path to peace.  Allow yourself to be guided by four values:

Wisdom.  Change is easiest when our minds are connected to reality.  There is just one reality we can all agree exists, and in which all change happens.

Individuality.  We are all unique, and all Human.  We share the same challenges, yet need personalized solutions.

Community.  We care for each other because we need each other.  Our connection to community is crucial to our future happiness.

Action.  With these values, we learn to spot and mitigate survival strategies, taking action to reduce injustice in these four domains of Human civilization:

Ecology.  We must be gentle stewards of our environment to enable sustainability with the life around us.

Politics.  We must lead each other in true Democracies through trust.

Society.  We must seek peace through compassion and strong relationships.

Economics.  We must seek equality by sharing our resources and respecting what we have.

These 12 messages guide us to Justice For Life.

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