What is Justice?

Justice is our attempt as humans to define right and wrong.  Not in a simple, black and white manner, but with careful appreciation for individuals, communities, and the truth.

Typically we picture a court room when we think of Justice.  In court, we try to make things right with as much respect to the people being charged with crimes.  Even when found guilty, we try to assign punishments with respect to the specific situation.  A judge tries to not ruin the life of a young person who made a poor decision by assigning a lesser sentence than someone in a similar situation who has repeatedly broken the law.

Justice is our effort to make things right.  Thus, the more important question to ask is; what is injustice?

Among the rest of life, there is no right or wrong.  Individuals compete for resources, and engage in often dramatic arms races to secure advantages with little concern for others.

Yet Humans are different from all other life.  We make our own food, shelter, and happiness.  We are elevated from survival because we no longer need to fight for those things, but rather can live long, comfortable lives thanks to the tools of humanity.

Well, at least some of us can.

Despite the vast wealth of humanity, some still need to survive. Worse yet, others act in survival mode despite having everything they need.

Injustice occurs when humans employ selfish survival behaviors; hurting and taking advantages from other people and other life.  Survival behaviors include lying, cheating, hoarding, steeling, harming, and controlling, and all cause harm.

Our survival natures are powerful, and we need all need help to keep them in check.  Awareness, support, and strong communities are helpful as well.

Thus Justice is the attempt to balance the harm our our survival behaviors cause.  It’s a pathway to peace.  It captures the idea that peace is possible when we care about all Humans, not just the ones you know.

Justice for Life extends these ideas to a vision for humanity on earth: one of true peace and sustainability.












































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