Choosing Justice

Justice is a powerful concept.  It is felt in the life-changing space of a courtroom, the empowerment of a mass-march, and in the anger at harm caused for no good reason.

March on Washington, 1963

We tend to seek justice in specific situations to achieve beneficial outcomes, however the idea that justice ought to exist in general is the point.

Justice For Life is addressing humanity’s most core problems.

When you become aware of the core problems in your life, or with our collective lives, you shed light on the universal path of justice.

However, awareness is just the start.

No matter where that path leads you, it can more easily be abandoned than continued.  Here are four forces that pull us off the path of justice;

  1. We stray from the path when we give in to selfishness, and enable our animal selves to pursue short term interests.  Most of us struggle with self control and impulsive emotions.
  2. Willful ignorance also drives us from our chosen path when we refuse to see or understand what most agree to be true and reasonable.  The most common areas of ignorance are in the sciences; evolution and human cognition.
  3. We also abandon the path when we try to leave each other behind.  Pursuit of profit and in-group interests are common causes of harm to many involved.
  4. Lastly, we abandon the path when we fail to take action when in the presence of injustice.  Remember MLK: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

That is why you must make a choice, to continue the path of justice.  To do the right thing, and do it the right way.  To admit when you’re wrong, to make things right.  To aspire to improve, and show it every day.  To behave with respect, integrity, responsibility, and compassion.  That is how we choose the path of justice.

Remember the rewards of choosing justice:

When we choose justice, we are closer to our best selves, which is attractive to others.

When we choose justice, we are behaving wisely, and will be seen as wise.

When we choose justice, we are influential leaders capable of organizing great campaigns and achieving collective goals.

And, when we choose justice, we are creating the change that peace seekers of all religions and nationalities wish to see in the world.

Thus, choosing justice is at the very heart of seeking Justice For Life.

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