2018 Justice Forum Overview

Here’s a rough outline of the 2018 Justice Forum themes.

January – Core Problems: what happens when we face the problems in our lives?  What problems are you tackling right now in your life?

February – Solutions: what have we learned about human behavior over the ages?

March – The Future: what does the future hold for ourselves and for humanity?

April – Opportunity: implementing systems of change in our lives.

May –  Value Individuality: what it means to show respect.

June – Value Wisdom: connecting our minds to reality.

July – Value Community: we need, and are responsible to each other.

August – Value Change: how to lean the right amount in the right direction.

September – Social Justice: exploring themes of pacifism.  We’ll learn more about nonprofits active in social justice, and hear from members addressing systematic social problems that affect their lives.

October – Economic Justice: exploring themes of philanthropy.  We’ll hear from highly philanthropic business owners, and learn about the role businesses play in creating equality.

November – Political Justice: exploring themes of Humanism.  We’ll hear from political activists and rally around a national political priority: the popular vote!

December – Ecological Justice: exploring themes of Veganism.  We’ll hear about the role veganism plays in behavior change and how  changing minds is central to achieving sustainable peace.

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