Ocean City

In the month of November, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo, a global challenge to write 50,000 words in one month.

It’s the perfect opportunity to turn four years’ worth of notes and ideas into a real story: the story of Ocean City.

Ocean City is a place where peace reigns.  A massive, self-sustainable metropolis located in middle of the ocean, Ocean City proves that world peace is possible.

What would you expect to find at ocean city?

Certainly not political corruption.  In Ocean City, transparency and accountability are ideals to which everyone aspires, and the people’s voice is always respected and included.

You won’t find inequality either.  Ocean City thrives on a collaborative economy that supports innovation while ensuring that the main objective of any enterprise is to benefit community.

Also missing in Ocean City is aggression.  There is no tolerance for causing harm, and those who do are provided ample assistance to address their problems and restore justice for those they have hurt.

Ocean City is also deeply committed to environmental balance.  They grow their own food, have banned all forms of animal exploitation, and provide opportunities to every community member to travel globally and enjoy life.


Too good to be true?  Perhaps so.

It’s the mission of Ocean City to bring sustainability to the existence of humans on earth.  However, as the story begins, this mission is in dire jeopardy.

Ocean City faces a grave threat from an enraged military leader with a personal vendetta.

How will a pacifist city defend itself?  Can peace survive in a world with so much violence?  Is there hope at all for those seeking a better way of life?

The story of Ocean City will answer these questions through a myriad of intriguing characters, an unfolding back story of epic proportions, and a central theme sure to question your attitudes about the meaning of life.

The story begins…

I’m very excited to get started writing on November 1st.  I will post an update on my progress later in the month.

My hope is to complete this novel in 2018 and have it published.  The novel is written as an introduction to the concepts of Justice For Life, and will serve as a starting point for engagement in the years to come.


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