Peacemakers, Unite!

What up, peacemaker!

Did you hear what Jesus said about us?  It was at the sermon on the mount, one of the big philosophical mind jobs delivered to humanity.  He said “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

We’re blessed.  

That’s because we get it.  We see the aggression, and we’re not afraid to confront it.  Most people run and hide, do as they are told. Many learn this lesson early in life: aggression will get you what you want from others.  It’s a powerful tool.

But where most feel afraid, we feel disgusted.  What a mess we are when we’re aggressive. Humanity is capable of so much, and yet we’re still fighting over land like children in a sandbox.  It’s embarrassing.

We’re not afraid, you and I, because we know the secret.  The secret that releases the grip of control and begins a process of influence for the better.  It works every time. It’s how all conflicts are resolved.

The secret has been with us for ages, repeated by Jesus, and many before.


But to forgive, you have to see the good in others.  And that’s where we work our magic!

I’m issuing a general call-out to Peacemakers, especially in the Seattle area. We’re working some pacemaking magic, and raising a village.

It’s time to rebuild the places we once held in high esteem.

It’s time to bring the conversation of shared values into our regular lives.

It’s time to help each other wake up, and see our own potential for greatness.

It’s time to sing and share and play without trying to profit.

We’re starting something new.  Something special. But, I need your help.

Here are three ways;

1 ) Live in Seattle?  Let’s meet at the Village!  Sign up here.

2 ) Have a little cash?  I don’t need much, but for a little, I’ll add your name to my list of supporters.  
NOTE: I’m not a nonprofit, and your financial support will not be tax deductible. That’s not a good reason to share wealth anyways.

3 ) Help us improve.  Check the site out, help point out problems.  Maybe volunteer some expertise- I’m looking for content creators of all kinds. Join my online forum.

Peacemakers, Unite!

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