The Path and the Golden Tree Fort

1 – Will you risk a swim in unknown waters to follow the path?  You shed your fear and jump in.

2 – Will you risk being attacked by mysterious noises in the tall reeds?  You stay focused and look for signs of the path.

3 – Will you risk sadness as you witness humanity’s destructive power?  You feel awe at both the scope and potential.

4 – Will you risk failing to complete a challenge?  You hop, climb, balance, and trust fall your way to the end – success!

5 – Remember where you came from, because before you now is complete comfort.

6 – Now secure, it’s time to understand why you are afraid, confused, and sad.

7 – And next, it’s time to witness how comforts are made, and the growing hole we try to hide.

8 – But hope fills you up as you see the Golden tree fort high above, it’s secret answers within, and climb a long, steep, hard stretch.

9 – Pleased with much less than before, you begin to wonder how little is needed to be comfortable.

10 – Remembering all that you’ve learned, you wonder how many ideas are worthless, and how only a few are needed to be happy.

11 – Then, you climb and feel gratitude at the food and drink left for you at the base of the tree.

12 – Finally you arrive! Climb the ladder, and see through the windows that you have been here all along, looking out, only now you have had the journey to remember that which should always be within.

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