2018 Justice Forum

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A new kind of civic club.

We’ve got problems.

Global warming. Systematic injustice. War.

At home most of us struggle with finding purpose, crippling feelings of insecurity, or chronic stresses of a fast-paced life. If you feel you are short of achieving our own potential, you are not alone.

The Problem with our problems.

We ignore them.

You can see this truth in the state of our nonprofit and social services sectors. In a country with so much wealth you may be surprised to learn that only 2% of our income goes to charities: a statistic that has changed little over the many decades we’ve been watching. Only a quarter of Americans volunteer, and those that do give just one hour a week. For years, civic club engagement has declined, and discussion of values has as well.

Meanwhile, life satisfaction is low in the US. Half of American’s are unhappy at work, and a $10 billion self-help industry doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

On a larger scale, our selfish behaviors are widening the income gap, and industrial activities are destroying life on earth.

Something needs to change.

The Solution for our problems.

“Man cannot be freed by the same injustice that enslaved it.” – Pierce BrownRed Rising

Our problems exist not because we lack solutions, but because we lack the systems that integrate solutions into our lives.

If you’ve attended an inspirational speech, or watched YouTube channels or TED talks with great ideas, or if you’ve worked with a consultant, you may have experienced this disconnect: we experience lofty highs while at presentations and in the days and weeks after, but then things always seem to return to normal. We spend too much time talking about solutions, and not enough time integrating them into our daily lives so that they become second nature to us.

Look to environmental regulations and corporate triple-bottom line initiatives, and the most successful lifestyle movements; great examples that systematic change is possible, it’s just requires a good system.

We overcome our problems by bravely inviting change. The Justice Forum is a pilot project based on this theory.

Does your life feel like a routine? Are you looking for purpose?
Do you feel like we could do more to improve the community around us, but have trouble finding the time or right opportunities?
Would you like to find a group of people excited about improving themselves and the communities around them?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the Justice Forum is for you.


What follows is a plan for a new civic club. It’s a work in progress, and we want you to help us shape where it goes!

The Details

The Justice Forum is a group of 50 (currently 7) that meets weekly to raise awareness, think broadly, and act purposefully. Members will find participation helpful to improving themselves and their communities.

Our Vision, Mission, and Strategy.

Our vision is an active community that collaborates to empower individuals and strengthen communities.

The Justice Forum has a mission to create peaceful life changes through awareness, understanding, and self-empowerment.

Our 2018 strategy is to pilot an administered forum with 50 members to develop a platform model and test the Justice For Life change theory.

Forum Meetings

We meet weekly on for one hour in a video chat room. We’ll also have in-person meeting opportunities throughout the year in Seattle, WA.  This update on the 2018 Justice Forum Pilot has pictures and more details.

Meetings are assembled via agendas and run as long as necessary, but no longer than one hour. Each agenda item is presented by a different person, and can be anything from an introduction to a group game to a challenge presentation. The meeting is opened and closed by the Forum Administrator to comment on the agenda and monthly theme.

Examples of challenges:

  • Lead a game (yup, we play games in the meetings together!)
  • Achieve a personal goal (like a chore, writing a novel, or getting more sleep)
  • Represent a nonprofit (will present several times & arrange for a guest speaker)
  • Be the expert (share an area of experience, or research a topic)
  • News Update (We try to connect current events to agenda items or themes)
  • Lead a conflict (introduce a topic, prepare two or three other members to represent sides of the conflict, facilitate the discussion)
  • Organize a social event for the forum (we’ll have a variety of Seattle-area events)

The themes and challenges in forum will be governed by four core values;

  • Respect of self and others.
  • Integrity for wisdom
  • Responsibility to community
  • Caring about change


The forum is a club, with regular members you’ll get to know. Our meetings will always be fun, educational, and as engaging as you’d like.

We need safe places to express and challenge ourselves. Many people feel isolation and insecurity in their lives in a daily basis. Forums could provide a safe place that’s accessible to nearly anyone.

We also all need a connection to ideas and communities different than our normal day-to-day lives. A community with diversity of thought challenges some to rethink inaccurate assumptions.

Lastly, we need places to amplify grass roots efforts to reform our social, economic, and political systems. Forums can collaborate to achieve collective action.


Here are five rewards you can expect from participating for one year;

  1. You’ll be well informed. We’ll regularly cover current events.
  2. You’ll be empowered. The forum is an energizer – you can use it to accomplish your own goals, or you can support others working to achieve theirs!
  3. You’ll be inspired. Imagine the world of ideas a focused group of people can generate? I wonder what you’ll be inspired to think or create?
  4. You’ll build honor. You will be recognized for your contributions and can take as public or quiet a role as you’d like, even changing throughout the year. Everyone contributes, and it feels great!
  5. You’ll increase support to local nonprofits. Oh yeah, we’re going to be fundraising!

But wait, there’s more!

We have also created several dozen commemorative laser-engraved tokens to kick off the justice forum and will be mailing them out to members as they sign up on a first-come-first-served basis.

Next Steps

Simply complete online Justice Forum Membership Form. You’ll need a current profile picture!

See you in the forum!

In December of 2018, the Justice Forum will be getting ready for their final feature presentation of the year. We’ll reflect on stories told, experiences shared, and progress toward our goal: creating life changes. It’s going to be something special, and I want you to be a part of it! Sign up now!