3-30-2014 The Road Trip the started it all

2014 – The Calling

2015 – Thrive Movement

  • Exploration of values, starting with Individuality, Community, and Wisdom.
  • Semi-regular weekly discussion with peers: Erica Loftfield, Daniel Tamayo, Jay Haase,

2016 – Justice Project

  • Group of 8 that met weekly for three months
  • Discussion of & feedback on core messaging themes
  • Experimentation with remote communication platforms
  • Addition of “Change” as fourth value, and the four domains

2017 – Justice for Life

2018 – Justice Forum

Here are some of the initial Justice Forum Pilot members.

2019 – The Path

The start of a narrative around the 12 messages using the idea of a journey on a path

2020 – The Village

The First Village gathering was help January 7, 2020 featuring music, a plant-based potluck, and an inspirational program.

This project is active. For more information, visit Engagement Center.