3-30-2014 The Road Trip the started it all

2014 – The Calling

2015 – Thrive Movement

  • Exploration of values, starting with Individuality, Community, and Wisdom.
  • Semi-regular weekly discussion with peers: Erica Loftfield, Daniel Tamayo, Jay Haase,

2016 – Justice Project

  • Group of 8 that met weekly for three months
  • Discussion of & feedback on core messaging themes
  • Experimentation with remote communication platforms
  • Addition of “Change” as fourth value, and the four domains

2017 – Justice for Life

2018 – Justice Forum

Here are some of the initial Justice Forum Pilot members.

2019 – The Path

The start of a narrative around the 12 messages using the idea of a journey on a path

2020 – The Village

The First Village gathering was help January 7, 2020 featuring music, a plant-based potluck, and an inspirational program.

2021 – Village Rising

Villages are created in workplaces, supporting nonprofits, in new neighborhoods, and in families! Not all were successful and many lessons have been learned.

As of December, 2021, we have 127 members and have logged 22,000 hours of gatherings.


This project is active. For more information, visit Engagement Center.