Peacemakers, Unite!

[We are] convinced that man can achieve complete fulfillment of his aspirations only within a just social order and that it is consequently of cardinal importance to accelerate social and economic progress everywhere, thus contributing to international peace and solidarity.
UN Resolution for Social Progress

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JFL Messages

: It all begins with awareness.

Injustice | Harm is being caused to so many people, for no good reason.

Inequality | Our civilization contains many harmful, zero-sum games.

Intolerance | Power is abused, and human selfishness threatens life on earth.

These age-old survival behaviors are a problem we must face together.

Justice For Life about facing our core problems together so that we may rise above survival and become more than animals.

The world needs Heros for Peace.


: What We Believe

01 scale

Core Problems
We see connections between domestic violence, profiteering, war, and environmental damage.

02 microsocope

Many Solutions
We are surrounded by tested and realistic solutions to our Core Problems.

03 Globe

A Peaceful Future
We see a long arc of progress toward Justice, peace, and a greater fulfillment of our potential as Humans.

04 tree

We help each other take action and work together to guide communities through peaceful change.


: What We Value

We identify with four values that lead us away from survival and toward peace.

05 Evolution of man

We are all unique, yet share a common heritage. We respect the rights of individuals to life and choice.


Our shared reality is complex and hard to understand. We seek integrity for knowledge through reasonable standards for truth.

07 people

We need each other to rise above survival. We build trust through responsibility to humanity.

08 Earth peace

We are connected in complex, ever-changing ecosystems. We care about all life and embrace the change needed to reduce injustice.


: What We Do (And will do)

acacia tree

Social Justice
We will foster a safe community where diversity is embraced and individuals are supported.  (See Justice Forums pilot project for the most recent activity)

Economic Justice
We will collect contributions to support
nonprofits and individuals in need.

Political Justice
We will promote values-based, creative, and
collaborative leaders for creating peace.

Ecological Justice
We will actively promote thoughtful consumption and
encourage compassion for our fragile ecosystem.


: Want to Learn More?

Dear Visitor,

We are excited about your interest, and invite you to get more involved.

We are a startup, in phase 2 of a pilot project, and in phase 2 of a master strategic plan.

We will be organizing all the most important strategies, scientific theories, and stories about sustainable world peace into 12 Core Messages.

Each Core Message will be an experience crafted specifically to enable and motivate real change toward a peaceful life. They will help you achieve your goals while also promoting peace by addressing important questions about life.

How should we deal with unfairness?
Why is doing the right thing so hard?
How to we deal with other people peacefully?
How can you achieve your potential?

We invite you to get involved with our pilot by clicking here.

For Justice,
Your Fellow Peace Makers