Why is there injustice in the world?  Why is there so much suffering and war?

Sosusvly, Namibia

For ages, we have attempted to answer this and other questions about life and meaning.  Despite our limited understanding, we captured our best answers with positive messages about determination, hope, and love.  Religions were a way for us to form a trust around the best ideas of humanity, limited as they were.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein

Today, things are different.  We have far better tools to understand our shared reality.  Around the globe, people are replacing religious beliefs with a fresh, insightful understanding of reality.  An understanding led by scientific inquiry.

Justice For Life is framework for understanding our purpose, seeking peace, and creating Justice from the harm we have caused each other, and the life around us.  It focuses our attention on the things most important to living a quality life, and a quality civilization.  Best of all, it helps us understand the root causes of injustice, as well as the means to do something about it.

What are humanity’s best ideas about injustice?

What are humanity’s best ideas about meaning and purpose?

Olympic National Forest, United States

There are answers.  They may not be complete, and we still have much to learn, but we know enough to take the next step.  Whether that step is a healthier lifestyle, a stronger relationship, or a contribution to a worthy cause.

Justice For Life is an attempt to cultivate the very best ideas of humanity, from thousands of years ago to today with a singular motive: inspire world peace.

These ideas are still in development.  If you’re an advocate for peace and justice, we invite you to help us build it.