Justice For Life

Belief evolved.

Justice For Life: Believe Evolved.

The Values of Sustainable Peace

Individuality, Community, Wisdom, and Change

Individuality: Mental and physical respect for oneself and others

I respect myself and others equally, because we must bring balance to two powerful forces working against each other: the pleasure of expressing and exploring ourselves, and the pain of not having what you need to feel safe and healthy.

Community: Responsibility to stay together in the face of challenges.

“I take on responsibilities to others.” 

We need others to achieve anything in life, and are called upon to help others as we rise.  This value brings balance the receiving and giving ends of the many relationships within families, friends, neighborhoods, colleagues, interest groups, and other types of connections that bring shape to our diverse communities.

Wisdom: Integrity for things and ideas valued by all humanity

“I can be wrong.” 

This value brings balance to two forces working in opposition: our problem-solving brains that can justify just about anything, and the reality that there are better ideas that we may need to adopt.

Change: Compassion for the vulnerability of sustainable peace

“I care about my impact on others and the world.”

This value brings balance to humanity at large: on one hand mandating our own survival and comfort, and on the other acknowledging that our unrestrained desires lead to the consumption of everything in sight.  It’s an understanding of change that guides us into lifestyles of great meaning and greater purpose.

What is Justice For Life?

Justice For Life is a theory about sustainable peace: that choosing a lifestyle in alignment with these collective goals will also provide for a high quality life for each individual. A focus on any one value results in a life of selfishness, consumerism, popularity, or isolation that, by all measures, is less enjoyable than a balanced life respecting all four values.

The values above have been crafted based on the best ideas of peaceful thinking and a scientific understanding of life, in order to align humanity toward sustainable peace. As such, they bring profound meaning and happiness to individual lives.

How do you apply these values to your life?

Social Balance

Foster safe homes and localities where diversity is embraced and individuals are supported. Replace aggressive conflict with collaborations for mutual respect. (See Justice Forums pilot project for the most recent activity)

Economic Balance

Stay open-minded and skeptical, seeking to understand. Share your time and resources to support nonprofits and individuals in need. Avoid thinking that what you have is owed to you, or fully earned, but rather have integrity for the privilege of wealth.

Political Balance

Promote values-based, creative, and collaborative leadership in all aspects of life. Avoid vilifying or laying blame towards others and focus on the reduction of corruption and sharing of power.

Ecological Balance

Promote thoughtful consumption and encourage compassion for the fragile ecosystems that support us. Avoid causing harm and be an advocate for the life that has been hurt by human civilizations.

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