Justice For Life

Belief evolved.

Justice For Life: Believe Evolved.

This is Injustice

Injustice: People unable to enjoy a good life

Injustice: People being hurt by others

Injustice: People consuming more than they need

Injustice: People destroying their natural environment

Injustice: Humans behaving like angry, greedy animals

Injustice: Humans burning up the planet

Injustice: Animals being tortured and killed for food

Injustice: Ecosystems being torn apart for human development

Injustice: Consciousness failing to help humans overcome survival

And, the greatest injustice of all: Life enabling a beautiful, highly meaningful consciousness, and for that consciousness to then fail to stop its own destruction.

…but that won’t happen.

Justice is coming.

Social Justice – Economic Justice – Political Justice – Ecological Justice

Let’s restore Justice for Life.

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