Bringing Back the Village

We are in desperate need for a return to the emotional balance village life, only with respect to our modern challenges, and with a grounded, scientific approach. Let’s build a safe place for Humans-in-progress. Let’s help each other wake up and take ownership of our role in guiding ourselves toward a healthier, more aware, connected, and active versions of ourselves. Let’s bring back the Village! … More Bringing Back the Village

Justice Forum Update

Wow, it’s been an inspirational first few months of the 2018 Justice Forum Pilot program! Our goal at the start was to answer this question: can we build meaningful communities and share meaningful ideas using virtual environments? This question came out of the concerns I’ve heard about the future of humanity: are we growing apart? … More Justice Forum Update

Ocean City

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean is a massive city where peace has reigned for decades. What will happen once they are discovered by a greedy, enraged military leader? The outcome will surprise you, as will the conclusion: world peace is possible, and it starts with you. This is the story of Ocean City, and I’m so excited to share it with you! … More Ocean City