Where are the Superheros for Justice?

Damn it, life is just so unfair.  Even worse, it’s unjust… unfair for no good reason.

People are treating each other like animals, not humans.  Our organizing systems enable bad behaviors, allowing the selfish to gain control over the rest of us.

And this shit goes deep. The planet is sick, and our civilization is crippled by corruption.

It’s a stupid situation for such intelligent beings.  We have these huge brains and are failing to use them.

We need help.

At this rate, we are on track to destroying our planet.  It’s easy to feel despair over this huge human problem.






But fear not! There are Superheros for Justice among us.  They’ve been with us all along.

Justice Superheros are inspired by people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He made a mark by taking a stand, and trying his hardest to help people understand something they did not; we all benefit by seeing each other as equals.


The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. *

Dr. King also believed that things are getting better. Despite vast inequities and atrocities, he was optimistic about the future of humanity.  He saw Justice as the tendency for Humans to promote the ideals of peace.

He’s not the only one.  Many leaders of social change see humans in a positive light, and leverage an optimism about our future to cause change today.

There’s good reason to believe things are getting better: as we increase awareness about our world, we see the benefits of cooperation.  Compared to generations past, today’s wars are less deadly, laws are more fair, and we are (trying to be) better stewards our environment.


This is Good News: world peace is coming!

We hope that the trend will continue.  Yet, we have a ways to go.

One day, people will look back and judge us on how we responded to these injustices.  When things are bad: do you give in, or do you take a stand?

I bet you’re like me.  I bet you want to take a stand.  I bet you already DO take a stand for what’s right.  If that’s true, you are one of the superheros.

Justice For Life is looking for leaders to help unite our communities toward a common goal of peace and sustainability for Humankind.

It’s time to accelerate change.  That’s why we’re calling out for all Justice Superheros to unite!

All you social justice Heros, working to expose racism, sexism, classicism, and all other forms of social ignorance, we stand with you!

All you economic justice Heros, working to expose inequality and profiteering, we stand with you!

All you political justice Heros, working to expose corruption and warmongering, we stand with you!

All you ecological justice Heros, working to expose the horrific harm we cause the life around us, we stand with you!

And together, imagine what we could accomplish.


If you’re interested, we invite you to learn more.

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