Why Seek Justice?

Without Justice, selfishness will lead us to destruction.

We seek Justice because we, humanity, have brought severe injustice to this planet and each other. We have freed ourselves from the bonds of evolution, only to retreat into virtual realities of consumption. Blind to the harm we are causing, we are slowly destroying each other and the planet.

But that does not need to be our fate.

Justice For Life is here to bring this message: there is hope. Peace is coming, as it has been for many generations. We have been slowly understanding ourselves better and better with each generation, removing more and more systems of survival from our daily behaviors. Slavery, autocracy, murder, all tools of survival now under far more restraint than any point in human history.

Our opportunity today is unprecedented. Never before has humanity known so much about itself. Together, we have found so many solutions to the social, economic, political, and ecological injustices that break the peace we all desire.

At the heart of these ideas are four values; four crucial concepts that lead us to peace; the value of individuality, wisdom, community, and change.  They are not new ideas, but rather well-crafted, time-tested, age-old Wisdom.

Justice For Life is based on the ideas of peace that have been at work for ages, bringing us ever closer to peace on earth.

To seek Justice is to choose values greater than just survival.

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